neha shivhare


Visiting Assistant Professor May 2017-Present

i. Co-ordinating and facilitating workshops related to digital storytelling and digital games project for life-long learning

ii. Assisting older adults in developing their digital stories (using wevideo software)

iii. Maintaining the digital storytelling project website

iv. Data analysis, coding, and reporting of the results


Research Collaborator April 2018-continuing

Conducting collaborative research on projects for older adults funded by NCE, Canada


(One of the most prestigious deemed universities in India, with its roots in education (pre-primary to university and life-long level) for over a hundred years (1917-Present)).

Assistant Professor

i. Educated more than 1500 student-teachers addressing individual differences and varied learning styles, who are now teaching in the schools of Agra, and some in other cities of India. 2011-2017

ii. Taught B.Ed. students at Delhi Centre and Rajaborari and Timarni 2013-2017 (Tribal Areas of India) through synchronous mode (Online & Blended Teaching)

iii. Supervised seven M.Ed. dissertations and guided two Doctoral dissertations. 2011-2017

iv. Developed and taught courses (M.Ed. and B.Ed. programs): Educational Entrepreneurship; Information and Communication Technology in Teaching, Learning and Management; Assessment for Learning, etc. 2011-2017

v. As a trained Internal Auditor (International Organization for Standardization), successfully audited the policies and procedures of Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Deemed University, Agra, India steering the institute to acquire ISO-9001 (International Organization for Standardization) certification. 2015-2017

vi. Contributed ideas, solutions and services as and when required for the overall development of the university; maintained professional and confidential communication with authorities, faculty, students, stakeholders as a nominated member of various eminent administrative committees:

a. Value and Quality Committee 2011-2017

b. Grading Committee 2011-2017

c. Examination Confidential Committee 2011-2017

d. University Hospitality Committee 2011-2017

e. Internal Quality Assurance Cell of the Institute 2015-2017

f. Alumni Relations Committee of DEI 2015-2017

g. UGC – Remedial Coaching Scheme for students 2016-2017

h. Agricultural Operations Core-Course Committee 2012-2017

i. Industry-Institute Partnership Cell 2012-2014

j. Work-Experience Courses Committee 2014-2015

b. Member of Documentation Committee (Faculty Level) 2011-2017

vii. Prepared various important documents for submission to Indian Apex Educational Organizations (UGC, NCERT, NCTE, NAAC) from time to time: Accreditation report (2012), Class Committee annual reports, Proposals for organizing workshop Reports of special events held in the Faculty, etc. 2011-2017

viii. Organized more than twenty events including conferences, seminars, special talks, competitions, exhibitions, Training sessions (grading, use of technology) for Faculty members’ professional development and for scholars, etc. 2011-2017

ix. Member of Organization Committees for the following Major Events:

a. Two-Day Multi-Disciplinary Seminar on Pre-Doctoral Research Feb. 6-7, 2016

b. National Seminar on Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Nov. 25-27, 2015

c. International Conference VALEDU Oct. 30-31, 2015

d. Ten days Yoga Workshop for Female Students 2014, 2013

e. Workshop on Preparation for Civil Services 2014

f. Workshop on Development of Value Consciousness through Drama 2013

x. Assisted in the organization of the following: 2011-2017

a. Co-curricular activities (CAC-271)

b. Scouting–Guiding Programme

c. Agricultural Operations (Faculty Level Convener)

d. Athletic Meet

e. Open Day Celebrations

f. Annual Open Day Celebration

g. Annual Convocation Day

xi. Acted as Director’s nominee for interviewing applicants for admission to university courses:

M.A, MBA, Ph.D., etc. 2015-2017

xii. Received Work-Based training (School Craft) and possess practical skills related to:

a. Block printing b. Plaster of Paris work c. Screen Printing

d. Tie & Dye e. Book binding f. Candle making, etc.